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1111 S. Akard,Suite 100-A Dallas

Dallas, TX 75215

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About Law 4 Small Business Dallas Our Dallas Location Michael Melder is the principal at Melder Law, our affiliate location in Dallas, Texas. Michael has served clients in healthcare, construction, manufacturing, technology, and real estate in his 15 years of practice at some of Texas’s most highly regarded law firms. Melder Law offers a different legal solution for businesses and business owners. Melder Law strives to provide high value and predictable services to small and mid-sized businesses while helping them keep costs and overhead under control. Employer and employee relationships are Melder Law’s primary area of practice. Their approach is designed to minimize the time business leaders spend away from business operations and development, educate and enhance human resource departments and staff, and provide a proactive approach to law which mitigates legal problems before they become costly problems for a company. Employment issues are a concern for all businesses who currently employ or plan to hire staff. Melder Law’s affiliation with Law 4 Small Business provides comprehensive employment law services to a critical aspect of small business. If your business has employment related concerns, or if you would like an assessment of your particular situation, get in touch with us for a consultation–we’re here to help. Visit Michael’s team member page to learn more. Law 4 Small Business Dallas 1111 S. Akard,Suite 100-A Dallas, TX 75215 Phone: (469) 802-8060 Fax: (505) 435-9137 E-mail: Website: Office Hours M-F: 9am to 5pm S-S: Call

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