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P.O. Box 2039

Chico, CA 95969

(530) 327-7268

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Vulnerability & Physical Security Assessment's: Risk and Threat Assessment for Business, School, Parks, and Residential Onsite analysis and assessment of risks and threats Detailed report indicating current risks and threats that exist for criminal and unsafe activity Recommendations and strategies to reduce risk and threat 15 Years experience with LAW ENFORCEMENT BACKGROUND? Video Surveillance: With hundred's of surveillance deployment's for law enforcement you can expect to get the video evidence needed. Insurance Companies Internal Theft Private and Discreet needs Law Enforcement Needs.? STALKING, CHEATING, EMBEZZELING, LOITERING, WORK COMP CLAIMS, CURIOSITY, CRIMINAL ACTIVITY, etc. Security & Safety Policy Development: Certified Advanced Crime Prevention Specialist Enhanced Risk and Threat Training - FEMA Advanced CPTED Training (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) ?

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Tags Crime free living

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